Hillside Cemetery,  North  Penobscot,   Maine
Lowell  Family  Headstones
Fred W. Lowell  b. 1907 - d. 1971  
Beatrice Lowell  b. 1913 - d. 1993
Henry (aka) Harry  W. Lowell  (Jr. ) b. 1846 - d. 1932
             His Wife
Ida B. Lowell   b. 1857 - d. 1932
Robert Lowell  b.  1877 - d. 1897
Herbert Lowell b.  1878 - d. 1954
E. Russell Lowell  b. 1909 - d. 1998
Beatrice H. Lowell   b. 1910 - d. 1992
Winfred Homer Lowell b. 1881  d 1945
His Wife
Retta Wilson Lowell  b.1883  d. 1961
LOWELLs of Penobscot
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Courtesy of the Hancock Co, Maine USGenWeb Project
From George A. Wheeler’s History of Castine, Penobscot and Brooksville,
Maine. Privately printed in Cornwall, NY, 1923.

Pages 172-3:

    Percival Lowell, with his two sons, John and Richard, and one daughter,
came from Bristol, England and settled in Newbury in 1739 [sic]. JOHN
had eight children. The sixth was Benjamin born September 12, 1642.
Benjamin married Ruth Woodman, October 1666, and had eight children. The
Joseph, was born September 12, 1680; he married Mary Hardy,
December, 1707, and had six children, of whom the fifth was
Joseph, who
probably removed to Penobscot in 1762.
Joseph married Mary Hones
February, 1745. They had eight children born in Newbury and two in
Penobscot. There names are as follows: -
ANN, born February, 1746, - married Reuben Grindle and had seven
children. She was the ancestress of the Doctors Grindle of Bluehill and
Mount Desert.
ELIPHALET, born August 1747. He married Elizabeth Haney in 1777 and
settled at North Penobscot at what is now called Lowell’s Corner. They
had ten children. She was the daughter of Archibald Haney.
HANNAH, born February, 1749. Died August 9, 1759.
FRANCIS, born November, 1751. Died at Penobscot, March 28, 1763.
MARY, born May, 1754 - married Joseph Webber and had seven children.
STEPHEN, born July 1756. - Supposed to have been captured at sea by
Algerine pirates.
HANNAH, born January, 1760, - married Reuben Grindle and had
thirteen children.
LYDIA, born January, 1762. - - -
JOSEPH, born at Penobscot December 13, 1765. Married Judith Freeman
in January 22, 1802 and had three children. The youngest one, Hannah,
died at North Castine in 1867.
NANCY, born April 7, 1769. She married Captain David Jenkins.

Eliphalet’s children were: -
Josiah,  born June 26, 1775.
Mary,   born May 10, 1778.
Nancy,  born in 1780.
George, born October 3, 1782.
William, born October 23, 1785.
Stephen, born September 8, 1787
Lydia, born February 2,1789.
Marcy, born February 15, 1791.
Robert, born June 15, 1796.
Harry, born September 23, 1798.

Harry, the only survivor (in 1875) lived on the old homestead at North
Penobscot. He married Sarah Emerton of Bucksport in 1834 and has had
seven children. He was at one time a captain in the Penobscot Company of
Josiah was an ensign in the same company, when the English took
Castine in 1814.
George was the father of William Lowell, of Portland
and learned his trade - that of a tailor - off Jimmy Scott of Castine.
(Letter of William Lowell, August, 1875.)
The LOWELL family is very numerous in Penobscot, - so much so that a
settlement in North Penobscot has for many years been called
colloquially as
Lowell town.
Fred  I  Lowell   b. 1873 - d. 1879
Eliphalet Lowell  
d. Oct , 1836 , Age 88 years.
     His Wife                          
Elizabeth (Haney) Lowell
d. July 28, 1833,  Age 75 years

Eliphalet and Elizabeth ( Haney ) Lowell , were the
first one to settle at North  Penobscot  in  1801
Wilbur C. Lowell
b. Oct 7, 1828  -  d. Aug 14, 1888
His Wife
Sarah E. Lowell
b. Sept 15, 1829 - d. Jan 10, 1871
Nancy  Lowell   Wife of Stephen Lowell
d. Jan 7, 1856    Age 65 yrs, 1 mo. 10 ds
Phebe A Lowell   Wife of G.R. Lowell
d. Mar. 16, 1873  Age  32 yrs, 11 mos
George R. Lowell    Husband of Phebe A.
b. Feb. 10, 1837,  d. Aug 29, 1914
    "  None thy place can fill "
Henry (aka) Harry  Lowell  (Sr.) b. 1798 - d. 1879
      Member of the Penobscot Militia
                  His Wife
Sarah E. Lowell  b. 1801 - d. 1899
Eliphalet Lowell   b.  1842  - d.  1917
                        His Wife
Emma  M. Lowell  b. 1844 - d.  1914
Resolutions adopted by the North Penobscot Sewing Circle, Apr. 16, 1873:
WHEREAS death has removed from our midst our esteemed sister, Mrs. PHEBE A.
LOWELL, therefore,
RESOLVED that, by this sad event, her family has lost a kind and affectionate wife and
mother, our circle a valued member, the church an ornament of rare worth and moral
beauty, and the community a bright star whose radiance will linger long after its
RESOLVED that we tender to the bereaved family our sincere condolence in this hour
of deep sorrow,
RESOLVED that a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the family of the deceased
and to the Ellsworth American for publication.

Signed - Mrs. H. C. Hatch, Mrs. Lucy Perkins, and Mrs. Julia Soper