#14 - A / 68       Margaret Wescott Cemetery,    So.  Penobscot,   Maine
Located at the end of the field behind the home of Albert & Betty Grosss,  
      "  In Memory of Miss Margaret Wescott"

Daughter of Mr. William & Mrs. Margaret Wescott
who died Sept. 22, 1833,  Age 18 yrs, 10 mos.

Kind angels watch this sleeping dust,
Till Jesus comes to rise the just,
Then may she wake with sweet suprise,
And in her Savior image rise.
Margaret "Jill " Goode Bohman   Notes:

William Wescott Jr..  1766  - 1852  
  Married on April 7, 1785 to
Margaret Haney        1772 - 1852

William Wescott Jr. was the son of
Capt. William Wescott and   Elizabeth Perkins Wescott
Margaret ( Haney ) Wescott   Dau. of Archibald Haney and Margaret Howard