#25  Seneca Wardwell Cemetery
                        Fred Wardwell homestead lot
              Pierce Pond Road,    Penobscot, Maine
               Unknown Damaged Stone Dated 1872

Milton W. Wardwell        d. Feb 18, 1872   age 42 years,3mos, 11days
Milton Wardwell Jr.  
          d. Feb 18,  1872  age  5 mos, 14 days
Louisa Wardwell    Wife of Quintus Wardwell
b. Sept. 8, 1848  -  d. Oct. 29. 1908
Quintus "Quint" Wardwell
Son of Seneca and Hannah Wardwell
b. April 9, 1847  -  d. Mar 25, 1899
Ruth Wardwell Wilson,  Wife of John B. Wilson
Daughter of  Seneca and Hannah Wardwell
b. Jan 4, 1876    age 34 years, 3 mos.
Solon Wardwell
Son of Milton and Lucy Wardwell
d. April 9, 1878   age  12 years, 5mos, 10days
Damaged Stone of   Martin L.  Wardwell    
Son of Seneca and Hannah Wardwell
died   June 1st, 1871 age  39 yrs, 6 days
footstone markers for  M.Wardwell
Bertha Bowden Note:
The stone for Seneca & Hannah Wardwell was down and buried so
deeply that it could not be lifted by hand.
Glen Ashe Note: 04/28/2008
The stone for
Seneca and Hannah Wardwell   and another
stone for Mark Wardwell was not located during photo taking.