# 38 / 68       William Hutchings  Cemetery
Rt. 199,   Dunar Road,    Penobscot,  Maine
Alfred M. Hutchings
d. Nov. 25, 1869   Age 66 yrs, 7 mos, 14 ds.
William Hutchings
d.  May 2, 1866   Age 101 yrs, 6 mos, 26 ds
                    His Wife
Mercy  Hutchings
d. June 6, 1837    Age  66 yrs, 6 mos
Sarah  A.  Hutchings
Wife of Alfred M Hutchings
d. May 29, 1843  Age  39 yrs.

Deborah -  Their Daughter
d. June 10, 1854      Age 25 yrs.
Charles Hutchings
Continental Line,  Rev. War
b.  Oct. 10, 1742   d. June 3, 1834

( The Original stone of Charles Hutchings  was
removed from his burial lot on the Wardwell Point
Road long ago to to be repaired.  This new
replacement should have been placed at the
original burial site, but for some reason was not.)
This new stone is dedicated in honor of
William Hutchings  or York and Penobscot,  Maine
                            and His Wife
Mercy Wardwell  Hutchings    of  Penobscot,  Maine
       He was a private in the Continental Line, Massachusetts
under Capt. Benjamin Lemont. & Col. McCobb
Last living Revolutionary War Veteran in New England

      This memorial was dedicated June 18th 2005 by the
            Maine State Organization of the
National Society,  Daughters of the American Revolution
No Stone found for Elizabeth Hutchings,  (2nd) wife of Alfred Hutchings
at this site  at this time. 08/2011

Elizabeth Hutchings   d. Aug 21, 1892,   Age 81 yrs, 11 mos, 19 ds