#39 / 68     Charles Hutchings Cemetery
        Wardwell Point Road,   W. Penobscot,  Maine
Between Dales Lane and Runaway Lane,   150yds (+ - ) From Wardwell Pt. Rd.
Stone fallen and partially buried
Horatio Hutchings        d. Apr. 8, 1853       Age 37 yrs

Elizabeth Hutchings     d. May 12, 1842      Age 54 yrs
Wife of Capt. Ebenezer Hutchings
H.  Dorothy  Perkins    d.  June 5,  1855     Age 20 yrs
Wife of
Abram Perkins

Clara Ashton Perkins   d. Aug. 15, 1855     Age 6 mos.
Dau of Abram and H. Dorothy  Perkins
Headstone Ancohor Bases    No Headstones Found
Bertha Bowden Notes :
Charles Hutchings and his wife, Mary,  are buried here   but their stone was taken
away for repairs and never returned.  Welland Clay of Blue Hill was to do repairs.
However,  from family records,   we have the following dates.

Charles Hutchings   b.  Oct. 10, 1742        d.  June 3, 1834
Mary   Hutchings      b. Apr. 14,  1745        d. May 6, 1797

A more recent stone was made and placed at the  
William Hutchings Cemetery  
nearby.   No stone was made for Mary at that time.
Note :  Hannah Dorothy Perkins  was the daughter of  James Hutchings Jr.and
Hannah Clement,  buried in the
James Hutching Cemetery # 50