The Penobscot Bay School
   The Bay School  schoolhouse was discontinued in 1953.  In October of 1953, students moved into the
building now used today;
The Penobscot Community Elementary School. In 2002 the Bay School was given
to the historical society and efforts were begun to move it to the grounds of the historical society.  A
committee in the society was elected for a fundraiser and people went to work.  
 Ken Jordan, building mover, was contacted to move the building.   The fundraiser committee go in motion
and started soliciting people for donations for restoration with suppers at the bay church, and were very
successful  receiving funds from private doner to raise the $3500.00 needed to move the building.   Fund
raising efforts are still going on for the restoration project.
 The school house was given to the historical society by the Harley Bowden Family.  So far, all of the work
on the building has been donated and people have been really generous towards the project.

 The School has quite a history behind it.  It was originally made from the town house that was taken down
in 1859,  across from the schools original location.  The school has now been restored  to its original
condition and used for the monthly meetings of the Penobscot Historical Society.

                   The Bay School - Distirct No. 4  (1893 - 4)  42 students
Spring Term -   Maude M. Leach, Teacher        
  Students Registered, 30           Cost per pupil $ 2.19
    Average Attendance, 28              Length of Term, 8 weeks        Cost per Term $ 65.60   
      Teachers wages, $6.00 weed,      Board $2.15 week                  No.of students not absent
                                                                                                                    one half day.  17

Fall  Term     Maude M. Leach, Teacher         Students Registered, 32         Average Attendance, 30
      Length of Term , 8 weeks         Teachers Wages $6.00 wk     Board $2.20 wk
    Cost of Term  $65.60               Cost per pupil, $ 2.04            No. of students not absent
                                                                                                                          one half day, 7

Winter Term    John H. Littlefield, Teacher       Students Registered, 32        Average Attendence, 24
     Length of Term, 8weeks            Teachers Wages $36.00month  including Board
   Cost per term $72.00                 Cost per student $2.25        Weeks of school per year, 24
     No. of students not absent 1 half day during the school year, 1 (Ethel Gray )

        The Complete School budget for the year 1855 was  $ 1,888.81.  The money raised from
     Town Taxes was $ 1,072.80
                                                        Bay School Memories
 As remembered  by Alma Perkins
   The Bay School opened around 1859.  At this time, Penobscot had six rural schools, including
pupils, ranging in ages from four to seventeen.  The schools were graded in 1915.  Books were paid
for by parents as late as 1905.  Average salary was $5.00 per week.
  The Bay School was used in the evenings as a high school.  Some of the subjects taught were
algebra, advanced math, spelling and english.
  The Building was first locate on the west side of Rt.199 and was moved to the east side of the road  
and placed on land owned by the late Henry Perkins and now owned by Harley Bowden.  The first
teachers at the school were John Littlefield and Annie Conner.  Enrollment was usually around 50.
  When school first started in the old school house, the school year was around twenty weeks, where
it is now thirty eight in most towns.
   Schools were never in session after december on account of very sever winters.  The spring term
usually started sometime in March.
  In the fall of 1932, Electric lights were installed with money earned by school entertainment.  
Mrs.Alma Perkins taught here the most consecutive years.(13).  Some of Alma Perkins students
included Albert Gross, Linwood Leach, Leighton Perkins and Ralph Gross. Earl Sellers was the last
living student that attended the bay school.   He attended school there in 1886.