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Penobscot Historical Society
Penobscot Vol. Fire Dept.
(  Residents)  Renew your ATV or Snowmoblile  online

( Non Residents)  get Maine  Snowmobile Registrations
The Animal Controll Officer and the Town Clerk encourage you to license
your dog this year. You will need a current Rabies certificate and if your dog
has been spayed or neutered, you will need that certificate also for one time
only.  Fees are $6.00 spay/nutered,   $11.00 for all others.
Come by the town office during regular business hours.
Vehicle Registration Vanity Plates can be obtained from the State of Maine for
an annual fee.  Click here to see if the plate you would like to have is available
Office Hours
Monday's      9-12am & 1-5pm
Tuesday's      4-8pm
Thursday's    9-12am  & 2-5pm
Documents Required for vehicle Reregistration

•Old Registration
•Current Insurance Card
•Payment in the form of:  CASH or CHECK
•Checks must have: current address and phone number

Documents Required for New Vehicle Registration

•Title or Blue Copy of Application for Title
•Yellow Use Tax Certificate or Green Dealer Certificate
•Bill of Sale
•MSRP for new Vehicle
•Proof of Payment of Excise Tax, signed by Registered Owner
•Registration for Plates Transferred
•If coming from Out-of-State you will need two documents proving ownership,
to indicate owners name and vehicle ID number
•Lease Agreement
•Parent or Legal Guardian signature if under 18 years of age
•Other (i.e. court documents, power of attorney, death certificate, import papers,
•Current Insurance card
•Payment in the form of:  CASH or CHECK
•Checks must have: current address and phone number
Mary Ellen Gross;  
Town Clerk
Tax Collector
326 - 4364
Maine Online Sportsman Electronic System
Online Printable Hunting & Fishing Licences
Maine I.F.W.  Rules & Regulations
Penobscot Recreation Area
Penobscot Municipal Tax Maps (HCPC)
Mandatory Shoreland Zoning
Penobscot Tombstone Project
Penobscot Community Elementary School
Maine State Revenue Forms & Links
Farmland Exemption App (pdf)
Homestead Exemption App (pdf)
Tax Abatement App  (pdf)
Open Space Exemption App (pdf)
Tree Growth Exemption App (pdf)
Veteran's Exemptions App (pdf)
Working Waterfront Ex. App. (pdf)
Other State Revenue Applications
Community Links
Nomination papers  for Municipal and School Board positions are now
available at the town office during business hours.  Deadline is Jan.20th