Penobscot Gatekeepers Association
At this point in time, The Penobscot Gatekeepers Association  is a startup small group of people  
who are concerned about the 68 cemeteries within the Town of Penobscot,  and how these
municipal and private  cemeteries are maintained.   
    Although the Town of Penobscot has set aside funds for restoration of the two Municipal
cemeteries,  little has been done by the Municipal Cemetery Association to raise additional funds
and little , if anything has been done to aide in the restoration of damaged or fallen stones in these
cemeteries.  There have been a few private individuals spending thousands of dollars on
restoration projects of private cemeteries located on their own property.

The Penobscot Gatekeepers  are a group of volunteers at this point who mow and maintain
cemeteries in Penobscot.

Document and photograph all gravesite locations within Penobscot.
To date, many of the gravesites in Penobscot have been photographed and document on the
Penobscot Tombstone Project website and the "Find-a-grave" website.   Both of these sites
are continually being updated by many private individuals and are free to view online
Verify all gravesites in Penobscot with GPS locations
To date, only a few cemetery locations have GPS location addresses
discussion of raising funds via community breakfast , matching funds, lottery, online saleable items,
ect. for the  sole purpose of the restoration of tombstone, headstone, and/or gravesites only.
Unfortunately there are very few individuals who help mow and maintain the cemeteries in
Penobscot on a weekly basis. We would like to express a special thank-you to those who do.
We are always looking for additional volunteers to help mow and maintain the 68 cemeteries in
Penobscot.  Discussed possibility of boyscouts and Penobscot Veterans.

                           If you are a resident of Penobscot and would like to be a member
                          of the Penobscot Gatekeepers Association,  Please feel free to
                           text  2077562208    Leave your Name, Address and Phone number
                           so you can be contacted with further information on meetings.
                           Please note any cemetery in Penobscot you help maintain.