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Penobscot Historical Society
Blue Hill's  Jonathan Fisher
Decendants of Abigail Wilson  1690's
Wilson,  Gray,  Genealogy
The Dodge Family,  Blue Hill
Bennett Family
Phebe Sawyer Perkins Genealogy
Decendents of James Freethy
Mary Ellen Clough
Joseph Dorr & Tabathia Gross pdf file
Mary Milbury (Gray's)
Ames / Snowman
Dodge Family Association,   Orland
Phineas Ames Genealogy
Wardwell Genealogy photo's & links
Fredrick Freeman Wardwell 1851
Hutchings 1684
McCaslin, Leach, Grindle, Gray, Bridges, Hutchins
In the book " The Back Ridge and Beyond" by James E. Grindle,   
Mr.Grindle tells a story of when the Schooner Roosevelt was being built on
Verona Island in Bucksport and that one of the masts came from the John
Hatch Lot,  now called the Blossom Farm on the Back Ridge Road, North
Read about the Roosevelt  by clicking on this link.
Waldo County ME WEB Gensite
Decendents of Jonathan Howard
Includes  Penobscot / Brooksville
Verona Island Genealogy Surnames
The History of Castine, Penobscot & Brooksville
Ancient settlements of the Pentagoet By: George Augustus Wheeler
Brooksville Military Men (Maine Genealogy)
Some of the early Residents of  Castine , Penobscot & Brooksville 1785-1790
James Joyce, Swans Island, Brooksville
Maine Obituary Index  (by rootsweb)
Smith  Family Genealogy
Addition Genealogy Family Links on next page ( Click Here )
Dunbar Genealogy