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The Little Red School House, Penobscot    1950     Photo; Penobscot Town Report,
Historical photo's
Highland Grange, North Penobscot stands within a pile of snow
from plows and drifts.  The Grange and another historical
landmark,  the North Penobscot General Store/Post Office,  both
unoccupied for years were  destroyed by fire, along with a home
which was located beside the grange hall.  The Photo dated 1969
was donated by      Helen (Flannery)Varnum, North Penobscot
The North Penobscot Community School once located behind
the Highland Grange in North Penobscot was said to be sold  
for use as a barn to a local resident.  Being in too good
condition for that use, it was then traded to Lloyd Turner
(1st)and his wife Lorraine, for an old shed.  Turner Put it on
skids one winter and towed it downhill to the Turner
Homestead lot to be used as a home.  The Turner home in later
years was leveled by fire.  Lloyd Turner(2nd) aquired the
Turner Homestead property from his father and Built a new
home where he now lives.  The  Photo,  questionably dated in
crayon 1932, was donated by     Helen (Flannery)Varnum , N
Lyle Flannery Stands atop a snowdrift in his front yard
on  Rt.15 in North Penobscot  Photo Dated 1963 , donated
By Daughter Helen(Flannery) Varnum, N.Penobscot
Hatch Homestead, Home of father of late Ward Hatch,  and
Granddaughter Kathy(Hatch)Sobel  Located on Dow Road, N.
Penobscot. This 1900 (+-) Photo Donated By Kathy H Sobel
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With Special Thanks to  Sioux L. Stoeckle