#22  Hutchins - Snowman Cemetery
Off Rt. 199 in wooded area behind Penobscot Elementary School
Above photo of headstone :  Hon.  Charles Hutchins       d. Aug 17th 1845  Age  59yrs
                                        Sara  (wife )                      b.  Feb 22nd, 1788    d.  Sept 28th 1866
                                        Andrew  J.   
            Died on the Grand Banks   June 7th,  1848    Age 19yrs.
                                                                      (son of Charles & Sally Hutchins)

Another Headstone damaged :
According to book by Bertha Bowden "Penobscot Maine, Cemetery Locations  1971"  Page 59
Stone belongs to  Cpt. Charles Snowman, and should read:
  Capt.  Charles Snowman         d.  Jan 11th 1854  Age 61yrs
                                        Mercy                                   d.  Dec 1st, 1850  Age 29 yrs
                                                                                    ( Dau. of Charles & Mary Snowman)
   It is believed that Mary,  Wife of Charles is buried in Bay Cemetery,  Penobscot.         
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Cemetery Location behind Penobscot Elementary School,  Rt.199
#22  Hutchins
Snowman Cemetery
Rt. 199