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Penobscot Community Elementary School
Staff  Resource and Information
Our  2016 - 2017    Penobscot School  Staff  Members  are:
Laurie  Hachat-Groshong     Secretary
Tanja Danner,      Ed. Tech I
Richard Leighton, Custodian
Nikki Jaffray,   School Nurse
Jody Reynolds,   Kindergarten
Ann Martin    Grade 2 RTI  Teacher
Heidi Riopell   Grades 7 & 8
P.O. Box 60  Penobscot, Maine 04476            (207)326-9421       Fax(207)326-9422
Penobscot Community School Board Members are:
Jerald Markley (Chairperson)            Anne Hayes-Grillo      Carla Hutchins          Jim Goodman       Charles  Brenton
Darcy Currier,   Grades 3 & 4
Penobscot Community Elementary School
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Lisa Cloukey,  Cook
Deb  Ames   West Bus  Driver
Deb Ames,  Assist. Custodian
Katrina Dagan,   P.E.& Health
Chandra Bisberg,   Grades 5 & 6
Susan Varnum,  Special Ed
Martha Brown.  Guidance
Christie McLaughlin,   Ed. Tech.
Laura Cunningham, Ed. Tech
Judy Park,  Art
Michael York ,  Speech
Lucas Allen    Technology Dept.