This Publication covers historical data over a span of 228 years, from 1759 to 1987.  It dwells on the era when permanent settlers
first arrived in 1761, and later witnessed the incorporation of Penobscot in 1787.  It further tells about the gradual development of
industries, the building of a public school system, and the establishment of churches.  Hopefully, it presents an interesting synopsis
of this town and its growth from piecemeal information that existed for years in diaries, letters, and other documents.  The task has
been to gather, assimilate, organize and prepare this collection of data so that it presents a readable study of Penobscot's history.

All the information has been authenticated as much as possible.  Every effort has been made to include the names of all families who
lived throughout the earliest years.  If there are any errors or omissions, it is hoped readers will understand because of the difficulty
related to research.

The name Majorbagaduce is frequently used, referring to the river and its shoreland.  Today we simply use the term Bagaduce.  The
spelling of this word varies in other publications from Majorbagaduce to Majabigwaduce to Bagadoose, although the meaning remains
the same.  To those who will be living in Penobscot at the time of the Tri-Centennial, 2087 AD, it is hoped that the reading of this
history will be inspiring enough to motivate some interested historians to add to it.  Only in this manner will the history of Penobscot
be projected down through the centuries to come.

Dedication    **************************
We, the people of 1987, believe that every generation owes a debt to the past.  Because of this belief,  we hereby, dedicate this
publication to the memory to those early settlers whose courage, sacrifice, fortitude and imagination became instrumental in the
development of Plantation 3, which later became Penobscot.  From a whilderness, it emerged into a successful and beautiful place for
us to live two hundred years later.  However, without their visions, hard work  and savings, we would not today enjoy the unmatched
standard of living, the vast system of education, the leisure for better living, or the freedom which makes it all possible.  May god
bless them all.
    May we, in turn,  show our appreciation by responsibily passing on to those who follow the freedoms and oportunities we
inherited.  Let us now resolve that no generation has the right to live for itself alone;  or the right to squander the earnings of
generations yet unborn.  Rather, let us follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, and continue to develop Penobscot into an even better
place for all future generations,  and,  in particular, for those who may reside here  one-hundred years from now.  This is,  indeed,  one
way our generation can contribute to the future,  the debt it owes to the past.

Much appreciation is extended to those who  contributed to the organization and writing of the publication "Penobscot Bicentennial,
1787 - 1987" .  They are :  Frederick B. Mitchell (Writer),  Alice Perkins (Typing), Helen  Johnson (editing), Gail Ladd (editing),
Louanna Perkins (layup), Penobscot Historical Society,  Castine Historical Society,  Esther Austin,  Phyllis & Myron Staples,  Philip
Babcock,  Etta Gregor(pictures),    Marie Bridges(poem),  David Gross(cover design), and members of the Bicentennial committee:
James Henry jr.(Chairman), Kennith Wardwell,  Timothy Hutchins,  Pamelia Varnum,  Esther Austin,  Rose Grindell  and Patricia
Reference  materials used in the creation of the Publication is as follows;
                 The History of Castine, Penobscot and Brooksville          by George Wheeler
                  Majabigwaduce Castine, Penobscot, Brooksville               by Ellenore W. Doudiet
                  Mill Creek, Penobscot                                                        by Rilla Moore
    The diaries of Hosea Wardwell and Katie A. Wardwell,    The Town Register of 1906 as related to Islesboro,
   Castine, Penobscot, Brooksville  by Mitchell, Daggett, Lawton and Sawyer.

Penobscot Bicentennial
   1787- 1987
   Table of Contents
                       Chapter  1                  The Beginning

                        Chapter  2                  Early Times

                       Chapter  3                  Industries

                       Chapter  4                  Schools

                      Chapter  5                  Churches

                      Chapter  6                  Social Times

                       Chapter  7                  Military

                      Chapter  8                  Cemeteries

                     Chapter  9                  Medicine, Doctors and Biographies

                      Chapter  10                The Centennial

                       Chapter  11                 Penobscot  1920 - 1930

                       Chapter  12                 Penobscot  1987

                        Glossary of important dates and other memorabilia
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