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         View from top of de-watered Niagara Falls
A view from the top of the de-watered Niagara Falls in 1969 in New York. Unearthed after 41 years by American Russ Glasson, they were taken by his
mother and father in law and show when the famous waterfall was turned off for almost six  months. For six months in the summer and autumn of 1969,
Niagara’s American Falls were “de-watered”, when the Army Corps of Engineers conducted a survey of the falls’ rock face, concerned that it was becoming
destabilized by erosion. During that period, while workers cleaned the former river-bottom and drilled test-cores in search of instabilities, a temporary
walkway was installed twenty feet from the edge of the dry falls, and tourists were able to explore this otherwise inaccessible landscape.
U.S. turns off  water from Niagra Falls
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