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Snowmobile in Penobscot
Penobscot,  Maine
                                Wallamatogas Mountain Area  
             ALL TRAILS   in these areas are on private property !
                      These are not club maintained trails !    
This page was last updated on     01 / 05 / 13
These trails are not recommended for the bigger sleds.  Trails  are rocky, tight areas which are
narrow and seldom groomed . Sled damage or scratches may result at high speeds due to trail
conditions. This is true back woods trail riding.
 Hikers and Cross Country Skiers use the  
Penobscot Trails heavily,,,,,,,,,,,,   Share The Trails,,,,,, Ride with Caution  !!
Maps & Information
Snowmobile Report and Trail Conditions
When the ponds are frozen, the trail from Orland can be used all the way to C & G Growers  in
Sedgwick.GAS / FOOD / BEVERAGES   at both Northern Bay Mkt and C&G's

Take a ride on the Penobscot loop    from Gilpin Trail to Wights Pond ,  then North on Wights Pond to
North Penobscot,  then to Toddy Pond,  Back towards  Alamoosook Lake,  via  Duffys Restaurant Trail.
Gilpin Trail ( Formerly ITS # 10 ) to Togas Mt.    &    No. Penobscot to Wight's Pond, Sedgwick &  Blue Hill

rails being used in North & South Penobscot,  Ice is not safe at this time,   No grooming being done,
unfortunately the ole groomer sled is in need of a new track and stater for the headlights.
Save these local trail map data files
for your Magellan Explorist GPS
Or make printable maps  with Delorme Atlas
or similar map producing software